Advanced Conversion Technology

The ENERGOS process is strictly controlled and monitored by proprietary software.

The system is unique and reduces the need to invest in high-cost, ‘end of pipe’ flue- gas cleaning systems. This makes our technology cost-competitive, efficient and environmentally compliant. The plants do not produce liquid effluents

Clean energy

ENERGOS plants convert waste into a carbon-neutral* source of clean energy. This energy has a lower green-house gas impact than energy from an oil or coal-fired power plant.**

* The biomass fraction of waste is classified as carbon-neutral. Fossil fractions (e.g. plastic) are not.
** Refer to IEA Bioenergy “Municipal Solid Waste and its role in sustainability”.

The claim by ENERGOS that the process is ‘environmentally friendly’ is backed up by the very low pollutant emission levels measured at Hurum and Avery. These emissions are probably the lowest measured anywhere for this type of process, particularly the NOx figures which can only be achieved by competing technologies with the application of end-of-pipede-NOx systems. These emission levels have been achieved by paying significant attention to the process control of the two stage combustion process and the management of the difficult products of the combustion process within the downstream energy recovery and gas cleaning process.

Juniper Consultants – quoted from a detailed review of the ENERGOS system carried out in 2001 (Juniper Independent analyst in environmental and waste management sectors).