ENERGOS-AS and Great Southern Waste Technologies R&D Pty Ltd sign Licence Agreement to develop Waste to Energy in Australia

ENERGOS-AS and Great Southern Waste Technologies R&D Pty Ltd have signed an exclusive Licence Agreement to bring leading ENERGOS gasification technology product to Australia. In 2014-15 Australia produced 64 million tonnes of waste of which 54.4 per cent was recycled, 42 per cent was put on landfill and only 3.6 per cent was utilized for energy recovery. National Waste Data Report reveals that while Australia’s population rose by 22 per cent from 1997 to 2012, waste generation soared by 145 per cent. Majority of landfills in the country will be full by 2025.

The ENERGOS process is a technically-advanced, well proven technology converting non-recyclable, non hazardous materials into renewable energy. The parties believe that ENERGOS’ proven and reliable community-scale waste to-energy (EfW) technology for MSW and processed waste is readily adaptable and well suited for the Australian market.

For further information, please contact ENERGOS-AS Managing Director Stein Sørvig,