Recover Energy to Preserve Future

Energos is a leading supplier of small-scale clean energy recovery from waste plants and technology.

A local solution

Our Technology

Our technology provides a robust, local solution for the treatment of residual waste, by converting it into renewable energy. This energy can then be used to provide local communities with heat and power.

Our solutions

Convert non-hazardous, municipal, commercial and industrial waste into heat and/or electricity, using our proven gasification technology.


Proven Technology


Energos has several plants in operation across Europe. The first was commissioned in 1997 and today our combined operating experience exceeds 900,000 hours.

Due to our advanced technology, designed to minimise emissions, our plants consistently operate at levels which are substantially lower than the limits given in the Industrial Emission Directive (IED) 2010/75/EU. The technology also complies with new BREF and BAT conclusions.

Our technology is classified as an Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) and the electricity produced from the biomass fraction of the waste qualifies for maximum Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs), enhancing the normal income streams.

Environmental Performance

We deliver plants that have consistently low emissions. The Energos design simultaneously achieves:

  • Low and stable carbon monocide (CO) and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions.
  • Average NOx emissions are typically 25-35% of the EU limit.
  • Ultra low dioxin emissions. Typically less than 5% of the EU limit.
  • Low Carbon content in the bottom ash, approximately 1%. We guarantee less than 3% TOC.

All energy from waste plants in Europe operate under a licence from the national environment agency. They must undergo third-party tests every six months in addition to continuous emission monitoring (CEM). The results of these tests show that our plants consistently operate at the level which are substantially lower than the emission limits given in the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) 2010/75/EU and complies with new BREF and BAT conclusions.

This is an example of an emissions performance test. The EU limit i represented by the 100% on the vertical axis and each pollutants is shown on the horisontal axis.

Our technology and solutions

Our technology avoids landfilling, reduces GHG emissions and generates renewable energy

Waste to Energy

The provision of energy from waste provides tangible benefits to local industry, businesses and the wider community.


Biomass is a sustainable and efficient way in order to optimize greenhouse gas savings and maintain ecosystem services.

Bulk Storage

Reliable bulk storage and transport solutions to keep materials as safe and protected as possible.


Inspections, periodic servie and preventive maintenance are essential to maintain high operating regularity.


Energos - Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World

Our goal is to supply high quality, cost-effective and reliable solutions for our customers, based on well proven technology. Through research and development, we will find solutions that satisfy new requirements and opens up new markets and business areas.

Health, Safety and Environment

Energos prioritises health, safety and the environment at all times, something which is expressed in the company’s vision of zero accidents.

We have an active HSE-system. Safety at work is our formula for achieving a rewarding and stimulating environment, satisfied customers and, most importantly, to avoid accidents. Our employees are our greatest asset, and therefore we always make our best efforts to facilitate a pleasant and stimulating work environment.

We possess modern equipment and production facilities and construct installations that are always in compliance with current regulations. Our skills and experience guarantee our customers’ security. The entire process, from design to assembled installation, is subject to systematic and precise quality control.

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