Inspections, periodic service and preventive maintenance

After sales and Maintenance

Inspections, periodic service and preventive maintenance are essential to maintain high operating regularity in all types of heating plants.

Energos delivers spare parts, and carries out service and maintenance for all plants and equipment delivered by Energos, in addition we also undertake this kind of assignments at facilities delivered by other suppliers.

Lessons Learned from Plants in Operation

We have the same goals for plants in operations as our clients with hight capacity, performance and availability. Close cooperation and lessons learned from plants in operation over 25 years has given us invaluable experience for development of technology.

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Other Technologies We Offer

Waste to Energy

The provision of energy from waste provides tangible benefits to local industry, businesses and the wider community.


Biomass is a sustainable and efficient way in order to optimize greenhouse gas savings and maintain ecosystem services.

Bulk Storage

Reliable bulk storage and transport solutions to keep materials as safe and protected as possible.