The Process

The ENERGOS process is a technically-advanced, well proven technology converting non-recyclable, non hazardous materials into renewable energy.


The process  can treat a wide range of waste materials with different compositions e.g municipal solid waste (MSW), residual MSW, solid recovered fuel (SRF)/ refuse derived fuel (RDF) and commercial wastes.

Low and stable emissions

The technology operates with low and stable emission levels, a result of a highly controlled process. The thermal conversion is carried in two stages:

Stage one: Primary chamber where gasification of the waste takes place to produce a synthetic gas.

Stage two: Secondary chamber where the synthetic gas is oxidised at a high temperature.

This highly controlled two-stage process enables a simple dry flue gas treatment system to be employed and eliminates the need for a sophisticated and costly end of pipe flue-gas treatment system.

An ENERGOS plant system consists of the following process stages: